Care that’s right from the start.

We recognize that the early months of an infant’s life are delicate and should not be taken lightly. Babies require care, love, and support to let them safely explore the world around them. That is why at NJMBC Child Development Center, we provide infant care program that includes activities such as singing, reading, and talking to every baby in our care in order to support their development during this critical stage.
infants chewing toys
With the guidance and supervision of our staff, your baby’s typical day at our center involves:

  • Playing and experimenting with toys
  • Exploring their world using all five senses
  • Copying simple actions of the people around them
  • Learning various words and sounds
  • Recognizing textures, colors, etc.
  • And more.

Let us support your little ones through this exciting experience. Call us now and get your child enrolled in our infant program.